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            Technical Support

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            Xin solid adopted the "national quality management system certification", "3C national product certification", "Railway product certification", also has a number of aspects of superplasticizer invention and utility model patents, and countries rated as "high-tech enterprises "Xin has a solid independent research and technology to do - use generation production, R & D implementation of generation, reserve generation technology. Rely on the strong technical force, adhere to the quality of survival, science and technology for step, with the China University of Mining, Luoyang Institute of Technology, Changzhou Institute of Engineering Technology and other institutions to carry out extensive cooperation, Xin solid will do with "first-class products and services provided to customers, customer satisfaction, "Quality;" quality priority is to obtain the trust of customers source "concept, provide first-class products and services to customers, and actively promote scientific and technological achievements of concrete and high performance concrete to expand high-tech Technology admixture range of applications, speed up new concrete admixture of research and development, to meet the rapidly growing demand concrete market.

                one. Mixing station Technical Advisory: concrete production enterprises concrete quality, technology and innovation consulting, with the ratio optimized design principle for enterprises to reduce costs, in terms of quality concrete strictly controlled, from the mix of design to adjust, from raw material The approach to the re-examination, with the ratio of input from concrete to implement, machine, transportation, according to customer requirements, improve product quality and credibility of the premise of the development of cost-optimized solutions from mixing concrete to the participation or cooperation of enterprises through effective technical management tools make strict control and management, increase their market competitiveness.

                Second, the technical cooperation: provides the full range of technical services, including technical cooperation, environmental assessment, feasibility evaluation, corporate design, equipment operation and personnel training, testing, and so on. It offers a variety of water reducer synthesis.

                Third, concrete admixtures complex technical advice and services: Handy complex equipment to assist enterprises to establish admixture compounding plant, and on-site guidance services. Admixtures and complex technology for long-term counseling, guidance.

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