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            Enterprise introduction
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            Company culture

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            Corporate cultureis that all team members share a set of values and heritage to new members, shared vision, mission and way of thinking. It represents the organization widely accepted way of thinking, moral values and code of conduct.


            Core values:integrity and pragmatic and win-win cooperation together innovative and efficient active

            Integrity and pragmatic:

            1, dealing with people of integrity that is sincere, honest, prestige, true to its word, line must be fruit, authoritative, good as gold.
            2, the so-called "pragmatic" is to talk less, do solid work down to earth to do every thing. Atmosphere can be positive only pragmatic, bold and innovative stewards; only practical to do practical things in order to achieve one thing made accomplishing one thing, good thing; treat every job, every thing must conscientiously highest the standards, pursuit of perfection, excellence, the pursuit of perfection, which is pragmatic.

            Positive innovation:
            First, innovation means change, so-called innovation, meteorology million new, new look
            Second, innovation means to pay, because the inertia, there is no external force is unlikely to change, this force is the innovator of pay;
            Third, innovation means risk, a work of a harvest, innovation is not easy.

              Efficient cooperation, together win:
               Cooperation to help others solve problems.
               Cooperation give themselves new ideas and new approaches from others.
               Cooperation can make people play the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of each member.
               Cooperation can brainstorm.
               How efficient cooperation?
               Active participation. In the team, each member should have a sense of dedication and responsibility to make their due
               Every member of the distinguished team. This is to ensure that the basic principles of successful cooperation.
               Encourage others to put forward a variety of perspectives, not too early to judge views.

               An accurate understanding of their respective roles in the team and their relationship

            Bazifangzhen core values: integrity and innovation win-win cooperation

            Entrepreneurship: ambitious, to courageously

            The pursuit of ideals, aspirations and other lofty career.
            Each of us has his own vision of life
            We have set up a goal for themselves. This goal in life is the personal ideals.
            Ideal - is our vision for the future a better life, reflect on life and our future life planning and design.
            To courageously:
            Continuous learning: learn professional knowledge, learn how to behave, to get the truth.
            Constant practice: the learned to actively use the work and life.
            Continuous correction: To continue to find themselves working and living in defects promptly corrected.
            Implementation of the concept: by chapter to act, refused to excuse
            Ideological influence attitudes, attitudes affect action, one does not find any excuse of staff, is certainly a strong executive power employees.
            Acting by chapter: reject lawlessness, unruly, destroy discipline, acts recklessly
            Refused to excuse: refusal to evade responsibility, prevarications

            Business goals:Huaihai leading national development, industry leading large enterprises

            Huaihai leadership:
            Huaihai Xin solid building is founded on the principle, but also Xin solid building recently focused its efforts on the direction of a time period. Xin solid building believe, rather exhaustive, as dominance, superiority in Huaihai should continue to be expanded, until it became Huaihai lead. Huaihai leading Xin but also for national development provides a solid foundation.
            National Development:
            Xin solid building work Huaihai focus, while also targeting the national market to self-employed, associates, etc., and actively expand the market in order to explore the way for its further development. It is the focus of national development in Northern markets. National development also means Xin solid geographical expansion.
            Industry leading large enterprises:
            In the construction industry, the size of the influence of the size of the brand means that the right to speak, only to become the industry well-known enterprises, in order to have a corresponding right to speak, to enter a larger, higher level of business. Xin solid building that, with the Huaihai leading progressive realization of national development, the industry will be the result of well-known attendant. In the construction industry, size also means a competitive advantage. For suppliers, it means lower procurement costs. Therefore, the pursuit of scale is the pursuit of competitive advantage. Large enterprises also means Xin solid building is not limited to the existing major business segments, is not limited to mix some suppliers in the value chain, the expansion of the scale of construction on the Xin fixing must be accompanied by extending the value chain.

            Vision:Xin Xin solid solid in the world, the world of

            Intentions blueprint, building Albert with love, with the progress of science and technology lead, with ingenuity to create the future. So that people have a safe and secure building, so that people living in warm Xin solid job, giving customers all over the world praise laughter.
            The enterprises to enhance the global strategic platform, with the world-renowned building materials companies competing against.

            Enterprise mission:To build a better life achievement

            Xin solid building is the benefit of the people. By assiduous in the construction field, Xin engineering community to deliver solid construction will eventually benefit people's livelihood, achievement of a better life.
            Xin solid building for social profit. Through its own construction, solid construction Xin optimize the allocation of social resources, the tax benefit for the country, achievement of a better life.
            Xin solid building is for business prosperity. Through their own efforts, Xin solid building to better develop and grow, Huaihai leading national development and become the industry well-known large-scale enterprises, the achievements of a better life.
            Xin solid building is for employees wealthy. By giving employees the stage to share the results, achievement of a better life and employees.


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