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            Company profile

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            Anhui Xin solid green, Ltd. was established in 2009 with registered capital of 20 million yuan, is a set of building materials research and development, production, marketing and service of high-tech enterprises, its wholly owned subsidiary, has a limited solid building materials Xuzhou City Xin Technology The company, Xiaoxian Ward Chemical Technology Co., Is to build the field of civil engineering, water conservancy projects, roads and bridges to provide professional manufacturer of concrete admixtures, the Chinese industrial waste (waste water, waste water, waste) treatment industry solutions provider, is China's leading high-tech environmental protection enterprise , but also the regional production of concrete admixtures provider. It passed the ISO9001 international quality management certification, 3C national compulsory product certification, product certification and other railways.

               Xin solid with a number of aspects of the invention superplasticizer and utility model patents, strong technical force, adhere to the quality of survival, science and technology for step, with the China University of Mining, Luoyang Institute of Technology, Changzhou Institute of Engineering Technology and other colleges extensive cooperation, promotion of concrete and high performance concrete scientific and technological achievements, to expand the scope of application of high-tech admixtures, concrete admixtures accelerate research and development of new, concrete market in order to meet rapidly growing demand. Xin has treated industrial waste solid waste environmental high technology, capable of processing waste water waste industrial products Binaphthol and paper mill production process (process efficiency is close to 100%, it is possible to solve the waste industrial waste on the surrounding environment pollution problems), while the waste water waste as one of the raw material production of concrete water reducer, thereby turning waste into treasure, effectively reduce product costs, enhance their market competitiveness.


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            Address: Tianjin in Jiangsu province Xuzhou city Copper Mt. District Road No. 26:
            Hand machine: 18705213191 (Ma Jingli)
            Tel: 0516-66658797 Fax: 0516-66658797
            Network address: http://www.poesiagalega.com mail box: xingu0516@163.com

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