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            Name:ZM-8 Accelerator (Powder)

            Time:2015-10-23 11:21:50
            ZM-8 contains mostly alkali metal, and is generated after calcination and grinding, which is used to adjust concrete setting and hardening velocity and is applicable to spraying concrete. As rapid setting is its important characteristic, concrete could condense and harden in a very short time after being sprayed. It is a modifier able to considerably accelerate hydration reaction of concrete and shorten setting time. It will cause rapid setting and hardening and high early strength after being added in concrete. Under the condition that all performance of cement concrete is kept, other performance can satisfy all kinds of construction technology requirements. It is a kind of chemical engineering supporting building material in concrete engineering, such as first-aid repair, first-aid construction, anti-seepage, leaking stoppage, and anchor spraying. 

            I. Property 

            1. Appearance: off-white powder; 
            2. The alkali metal content<1%, non-toxic, tasteless and irritant-free; 
            3. Fineness: 80μm hole sizer, shorts:<10%. 

            II. Main technical performance 

            1. Appropriate mixing amount: 4%-6% (cement consumption) for anchor spraying, initial setting time for neat cement paste: 1-5 minutes, final setting time: 6-10 minutes. If the setting time of the ordinary concrete is required to be adjusted, 1%-3% (cement weight) is appropriate. 
            2. The temperature increase can be about 1-3 times for a day and the strength for 28 days is about 80% of the non-added ones. 
            3. Satisfy the technology requirements of spray concrete and mortar. 
            4. Anti-permeability, shrinkage, no abnormal phenomena in corrosion of reinforcing steel bar. 
            5. Executive standard: JC477-2005

            III. Main features 

            1. Good adaptability to cement, high viscosity and low rebound with little corrosivity and alkalinity which alleviates the corrosivity to human skin: The later strength and one-off spraying thickness are both higher than other accelerating agents. 
            2. Short interval between initial set and final set. 
            3. Project progress can be accelerated. Decrease the project cost and save the timber and cement. 

            IV. Application scope 

            1. Temporary and permanent support component for underground tunnel engineering in the fields of national defense, coal, railway, hydroelectric power and geology, etc. 
            2. Roadway and shaft of metallurgy and mine, underground diversion tunnel, underground stations and other engineering. 
            3. Rockbolt concrete technology works best. 
            4. According to the design requirements on the concrete setting time, proper mixing amount can be selected as concrete regulator for various construction engineering. 

            V. Package and storage 

            1. This product is non-ignitable, anti-freezing and pollution-free and ensures safety during transport, storage and usage. 
            2. Better store it in cool, dry and ventilated place indoor and sub-zero environment is tolerant. 
            Shelf life: 2 years. 
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