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            Name:ZM-6 Expanding Agent

            Time:2015-10-23 11:19:50
            ZM-6 is composed of efficient low-alkaline expanding, air-entraining and retarding ingredients. It has expanding, waterproof and air entraining functions and can obviously increase cracking resistance, anti-permeability, waterproofing and freezing resistance of concrete. It is applicable to preparing compensation shrinkage concrete, waterproof and anti-permeable concrete as well as large-volume concrete and has been successfully applied to multiple domestic engineering. 

            I. Main technical performance 

            1. Increase compactibility of concrete. Anti-permeability grade:>P40. 
            2. Compensate for shrinkage of concrete to avoid cracks occurring. 
            3. Effectively increase anti-freezing and waterproof performance of concrete. 
            4. Slight slump loss of the concrete mixture and good peaceability reduce pumping pressure and abrasion between concrete and pump pipes. 
            5. Good adaptability to concrete. 
            6. No chlorine salt to corrode reinforcing steel bar. 
            7. Good freezing resistance when construction is in winter. 

            II. Usage and precautions 

            1. This product is in powder and the recommended mixing amount is 6.0-12.0%. The appropriate mixing amount shall be determined according to engineering requirements and specific conditions. The mixing amount shall be increased appropriately when construction is in winter. 
            2. The simultaneous mixing method, the prior mixing method, the stagnant water method could be adopted. 
            3. In order to guarantee quality of engineering, our plant can provide the technical consulting for users and will dispatch the technical personnel to the site according to users’ demands. 

            III. Package and storage 

            1. Plastic bags in double-layer, net weight: 50kg/bag. 
            2. It shall be stored at the ventilated dry place to avoid moisture. 
            3. Shelf life: 2 years. 
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