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            Name:ZM-5B Concrete Early Strength Agent

            Time:2015-10-23 11:15:30

            ZM-5B is a compound early strength agent compounded by multiple early strength and water-reducing ingredients in liquid agent or powder. It is able to obviously increase early strength of concrete and work efficiency, accelerate template turnover and shorten work period. This product is non-toxic, pollution-free, without corrosion effect on reinforcing steel and can be widely applied to mortar and concrete engineering with requirements for early strength. 

            I.  Property 

            Liquid agent


            1. Appearance: brownish red liquid

            1. Appearance: slight white powder

            2. Specific gravity: 1.18-1.20(20)

            2. Fineness: 0.3mm, shorts: <5%

            3. PH value: 7-8

            3. Water content: <6%

            3. Active ingredient: 40±1%

            II. Main technical performance 
            1. Mixing amount: 0.8%-3.0% of the weight of gelled materials, increase 3d strength by 50-80%, 7d strength by 30-60% and 28d strength by 20%. 
            2. Save 10% cement consumption. 
            3. Applicable to Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement and Portland slag cement. 
            4. No harmful influence on concrete shrinkage and no corrosion effect on reinforcing steel bar. 

            III. Main application
            Concrete with requirements for early strength or freezing resistance under the condition that the minimum temperature shall not be lower than -5℃, pre-stressed concrete and reinforced concrete with requirements for early strength under normal temperature. 

            IV. Usage and precautions 
            1. It can be added with mixing water at the same time. 
            2. According to the specific requirements and conditions of the engineering, the concrete trial-mix test shall be conducted in advance. For liquid product, the water content of it shall be deducted from the water consumption. When the steam-cured concrete is being prepared, the reasonable maintenance system shall be determined through the test. 

            V. Package and storage 
            1. This product is non-ignitable, anti-freezing and pollution-free and ensures safety during transport, storage and usage. 
            2. Iron drum for liquid product, net weight: 250±1kg; woven bags for powder product, net weight: 50kg/bag. 
            3. Shelf life: 2 years. 

            VI. Application area 
            All types of pumping concrete, concrete used in viaducts, expressways, bridges and hydraulic engineering, especially major engineering and concrete with special requirements. The early strength efficient superplasticizer can be prepared through compounding. 

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