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            Name:ZM-3C Polycarboxylic Efficient Pumping Aid

            Time:2015-10-23 11:01:20
            ZM-3C is an efficient superplasticizer for concrete compounded by polycarboxylic efficient superplasticizer as well as water-holding, plasticity-maintaining and retarding ingredients, which has strong dispersibility on cement particles, can obviously improve peaceability and workability of concrete and reduce pipe resistance. It is characterized by good plasticity, low retard and air entrainment. It is non-toxic, pollution-free, and crystal-free under low temperature without chlorine salt and corrosion effect on reinforcing steel. It is applicable to pumping concrete, commodity concrete and large-volume concrete of various requirements. 

            I. Property 

            1. Appearance: cream or pale-yellow liquid 
            2. Specific gravity: 1.02-1.25(20℃)
            3. Air content: ≤4%
            4. PH value: 4-6

            II. Main technical performance 

            1. Low mixing amount and high water-reducing rate: common mixing amount is 1%-2.5% of the total weight of gelled materials. The water-reducing rate is raised considerably compared with traditional one, the mixing amount is lowered with obvious advantage. 
            2. Operating performance: improve cohesiveness, fluidity and other operating performances of fresh concrete significantly. 
            3. Low shrinkage: shrinkage rate of concrete added with ZM-3C in 28 days is under105% compared with more than 110% of traditional one, which significantly increase stability of the concrete volume and will greatly lower the cracking rate of the structural concrete. 
            4. Obvious strengthening effect: with the same slump and same cement consumption, the water-reducing rate of the reference concrete is 20-30% and strength of concrete in each stage increases considerably. 
            5. Good anti-permeability and durability: it has certain air entraining effect and can properly improve air content in concrete. Compared with the reference concrete, the anti-permeability index can increase by more than 50%. Its total alkali content is extremely little, reducing possibility of alkali-aggregate reaction. Meanwhile, it significantly improves compactibility, durability and anti-permeability of concrete, avoids intrusion of chloridion, sulfate ion and other harmful substances. 
            6. Special function: when high-strength concrete (C60-C80) is being prepared, its elasticity modulus, anti-permeability, creep resistance, durability and other high-performance indexes can satisfy requirements. 
            7. Environmentally friendly: being an environmentally-friendly green product, it does not contain substances harmful to humans and environment. 

            III. Usage 

            1. Mixing amount: 1%-1.5%, water-reducing rate: 20-38%. The optimal amount can be determined within the recommended scope according to its adaptability to cement, changes in climate and slump of concrete and other requirements (the special adjustment and preparation shall be conducted for engineering with special requirements). The adaptability with cement shall be tested in advance according to the mixture ratio of concrete when this product is being used. 
            2. This product shall be added with mixing water at the same time. 

            IV. Package and storage 

            1. This product shall be sealed for waterproofing during storage and there shall be specially-assigned personnel in charge of the tank truck after it has been transported to the site and independent storage container sealed for waterproofing. 
            2. Shelf life: 1 year. 
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